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27 December 2016
The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography registered a new self-regulated organization (SRO) - “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance (fsosro.ru).

On December 27 the Council of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance met for the first time at the conference hall of the Pekin hotel to discuss matters of priority appearing on the new SRO agenda.

Our congratulations to Alyona Verkhozina (Rogich), President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance, and all members on the completion of the official registration, and best wishes for the fruitful journey ahead.

We also congratulate Irina Komar, Managing Partner of the Professional Group of Appraisal, on her appointment as Vice-President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance.

16 December 2016
The Public Consultation Council yesterday held an extended meeting in the Moscow City Duma to closely review the situation surrounding the collection of the individual property tax in the city of Moscow. The meeting brought together leading experts in the field, representatives of the concerned ministries and departments of the Moscow City Government, as well as City Duma and State Duma deputies.

Irina Komar, Managing Partner of the Professional Group of Appraisal and Vice-President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance, was invited to participate in the meeting as an expert representing the appraisers’ community.

16 December 2016
On 14 December 2016 the Commission for Operational Aspects of Bankruptcy Management (Liquidation) shortlisted a number of expert organizations accredited with the Agency that had submitted bids for provision of services to BANK GOROD (Protocol No. 60). The Commission resolved to pronounce the Professional Group of Appraisal as the winning bidder in the “Valuation Services” nomination.

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Opening Address of the General Director

Dear all,

Today many of us have to value their titles or property. Until quite recently this situation was faced, first of all, by the owners of businesses, finance officers, accountants, lawyers. The valuation report is a deed that accompanies practically all deals with the property: be it a contribution to the share capital, recognition, additional stock issue, freight customs formalities, property lending, as well as many other deals performed by the companies.

Meanwhile this demand is actively shifting to a private sector, too. Today practically each of us may face the necessity in the valuation services. Accession to the heirship, property disputes, mortgage, to name but a few, are our today’s concerns.

The goal of all our efforts is to help you gain insight into the legislation which regulates the valuation activities, advise you on the matters regarding the value of your property, help obtain a bank credit, help win an action related to a property dispute, help improve efficiency of your business, etc.

It is unimportant for us, if our client is a large business or a private individual; we pay attention to and provide qualified advice and valuation to every client as our credo is professional work for the benefit of each Client.

Pavel Kurochkin
General Director
Professional Appraising Group LLC