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Clients choose us because:
  1. 10 years in the market of valuation services;
  2. Over 10,000 of valuation reports;
  3. Professional liability insured to the amount of RUR100,000,000;
  4. All our employees have professional valuer’s diplomas from leading institutes and universities;
  5. We are approved with the Russian Society of Appraisers and Valuers and are included in the Register of Appraisers and Valuers of ROO;
  6. Our Firm’s status is confirmed by cooperation with many reputable clients and partners;
  7. Our Price/Quality is the best in the market.

Professional Group of Appraisal LLC 10 provides professional services of valuation of all types of property and rights for almost 10 years which resulted in over 10 000 reports about valuation of business, securities, intangible assets, real estate, plant and equipment and transport vehicles.

Our clients are sure in our professional approach and high quality of the services provided.

It is a noteworthy fact that our experts are experienced valuers who participated in valuations for RFFI, FAUFI, Gazprom, RAO UES of Russia, Lukoil, RzhD (Russian Railways), etc.

What are the situations when our valuation services are required?

Legal persons:

  • Buying/purchase;
  • Second mortgaging;
  • Contribution into share capital;
  • Insurance;
  • Paying up shares from the shareholders;
  • Additional issue of shares;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Revaluation of fixed assets;
  • Management decisions;
  • Others.


  • Buying/purchase;
  • Second mortgaging;
  • Inheritance;
  • Division of an estate;
  • Insurance;
  • Litigation;
  • Others.

We will respond to a great number of wide ranging topics!

Need a valuation? Then make just three steps:

Step 1 – Call us +7 (495) 639-93-78.

We will be pleased to advise you about:

  • Possible terms of valuation;
  • Valuer’s fee;
  • Options of payment for the services;
  • Documents required to be submitted for the purposes of valuation;
  • Stumbling blocks in the legislation governing valuation activities;
  • Others.

We work to ensure your benefit and prosperity and therefore the valuation terms will be the shortest possible ones, our fee will be competitive and the quality of our valuation reports is the same or often exceeds the quality of the valuation reports of the largest Russian valuers, which establishes clear blue water between ourselves and our competitors.

Step 2 – Make an official valuation contract with us.

For the standard contract text refer to:

Our valuation contract has been designed in compliance with the effective legislation on valuation and recommendations of the Russian Valuers’ Society (ROO).

In case of questions, if any, arising from the contract please do not hesitate to call us for advice.

Step 3 – Appoint a meeting with our expert or schedule time of inspection.

We practice a flexible and mobile approach which ensures that the appointed time of our meeting or inspection is comfortable for you.

Last news

27 December 2016
The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography registered a new self-regulated organization (SRO) - “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance (fsosro.ru).

On December 27 the Council of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance met for the first time at the conference hall of the Pekin hotel to discuss matters of priority appearing on the new SRO agenda.

Our congratulations to Alyona Verkhozina (Rogich), President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance, and all members on the completion of the official registration, and best wishes for the fruitful journey ahead.

We also congratulate Irina Komar, Managing Partner of the Professional Group of Appraisal, on her appointment as Vice-President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance.

16 December 2016
The Public Consultation Council yesterday held an extended meeting in the Moscow City Duma to closely review the situation surrounding the collection of the individual property tax in the city of Moscow. The meeting brought together leading experts in the field, representatives of the concerned ministries and departments of the Moscow City Government, as well as City Duma and State Duma deputies.

Irina Komar, Managing Partner of the Professional Group of Appraisal and Vice-President of the SRO “Federation of Professional Appraisers” Alliance, was invited to participate in the meeting as an expert representing the appraisers’ community.

16 December 2016
On 14 December 2016 the Commission for Operational Aspects of Bankruptcy Management (Liquidation) shortlisted a number of expert organizations accredited with the Agency that had submitted bids for provision of services to BANK GOROD (Protocol No. 60). The Commission resolved to pronounce the Professional Group of Appraisal as the winning bidder in the “Valuation Services” nomination.

14 December 2016
On 14 December RICS Russia & CIS professional groups organized a round-table meeting at the VIVALDI PLAZA Business Center to discuss the topic of Valuation Departments and Projects Management.

Anna Isaeva and Irina Komar, Managing Partners of the Professional Group of Appraisal, were invited to take part in the event, which unfolded in a friendly and professional atmosphere. One of the key messages of the meeting was delivered to the RICS members by Maarten Vermeulen, RICS Managing Director for Europe, Russia and CIS: "Notwithstanding the closure of the RICS office in Russia, the Institute will continue to organize professional events for the members in Russia and the CIS. As before, these will include conferences, round-table meetings and Assessments of Professional Competence (APCs)".

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